Janek Sedlar – Meditation Among Trees

Janek Sedlar - Autumn

Janek Sedlar is a self-taught landscape photographer from the Czech Republic. He has been taking photographs since 2011. Janek finds inspiration mostly in nature, which offers him completely different state of mind. This is the most important part of the whole process; all the experiences are reflected in his works. He usually goes into the nature for 2-3 days, carrying all of his equipment. Sedlar’s photos are simply stunning with surreal twist. Atmosphere, idea and vision are important elements of his work. He often renders photographs, changing colors, adding saturation, etc. “Being in these woods and meadows is a return to childhood, it regains my life energy and i am trying to share these moments with my camera, the process itself is like a meditation for me,” he says.

Janek Sedlar - dark trees Janek Sedlar - foggy forest Janek Sedlar - getting dark Janek Sedlar - leaves Janek Sedlar - light Janek Sedlar - the forest Janek Sedlar - way Janek Sedlar - winter trees


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