Bernhard Edmaier – Esoteric Compositions of Earth

Bernhard Edmaier - the holes

There are countless colors that occur naturally on the planet we inhabit. German photographer Bernhard Edmaier captures this beauty, taking awe-inspiring aerial photographs of the Earth’s surface with different patterns and textures. Edmaier trained as a civil engineer and geologist and has been photographing for over 15 years. He turns the unspoilt landscape into artistic expression. While the earth can produce every color imaginable, parts of our planet are characterized by the absence of color, from the layers of grey ash and blackened, cooled streams of lava left behind by volcanic eruptions to the dazzling white of freshly fallen snow or the vast salt flats found in desert regions. His works are like paintings enriched with color palette and phenomenal beauty.

Bernhard Edmaier - blue and purple Bernhard Edmaier - blue Bernhard Edmaier - clouds Bernhard Edmaier - dots Bernhard Edmaier - green water Bernhard Edmaier - kettle holes Bernhard Edmaier - red volcano Bernhard Edmaier - river and trees Bernhard Edmaier - snow colors Bernhard Edmaier - volcano

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