Paul Baliker – Fate of Nature

Paul Baliker - a bronze couple

Paul Baliker is a sculptor from Palm Coast, Florida. He has been sculpting exclusively for 35 years. Known for especially large sculptures that often depict Florida wildlife, some of Baliker’s pieces can be seen locally at Daytona Beach International Airport, Ormond Beach libraries, and at the Ocean Centre. His most amazing work, called “A Matter of Time”, is a wood sculpture that is 13 feet in diameter and features a man holding a globe surrounded by more than 40 different animals. There are various ocean life forms represented in the sculpture, including many fish, crustaceans, octopus, reptiles, plants, and mammals. The old man holds the fate of the planet in his hands. This sculpture is carved as a fantasy, however the idea is real. A passion for nature has inspired Baliker to create the work that represents the relationship between man and the ecosystem. “I love nature and this is my chance to make an environmental statement, so I went ahead and did it,” he says.

Paul Baliker - bronze Paul Baliker - fishing Paul Baliker - hand detail Paul Baliker - octopus Paul Baliker - osprey table Paul Baliker - panther Paul Baliker - sculpture Paul Baliker - whale Paul Baliker - wooden

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