Bruce Munro – Lustrous Landscape

Bruce Munro -  a light art

Bruce Munro is an amazing installation artist born in Salcombe, England. He completed a B.A. in Fine Arts at Bristol Polytechnic. Shortly thereafter he moved to Australia, where he founded a commercial design company. Bruce creates breathtakingly exquisite light installations on random places; each space varies in both topographic characters and scale. The opportunity to create installations so large that they become dramatic landscapes has been a huge bonus and privilege for him. His approach with an existing installation is always dictated to by the space. Munro perfectly transforms magnificent gardens, manicured grounds and rolling hills into an enchanting, lustrous landscape that emerges organically at nightfall. Bruce’s work has been exhibited at London’s Victoria, Albert Museum, and at the 13th century gothic Salisbury Cathedral.



Bruce Munro - blue moon Bruce Munro - bottle Bruce Munro - flowers Bruce Munro - green forest Bruce Munro - light balls Bruce Munro - light field Bruce Munro - lights Bruce Munro - pool Bruce Munro -

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