Richard Benning – Reflections of the Past

Richard Benning - arches

Richard Benning is a young designer and digital artist based in the Netherlands. He has always had a great passion for drawing, which eventually evolved into digital painting and 3D modelling. Richard has two bachelor degrees in Software Engineering and Multimedia Design. He has worked at several companies as a designer, 3D artist and front-end developer, currently working as a 3D Animator at Maastricht University. Benning’s artworks are truly stunning and thought-provoking. He creates absolutely different world inhabited by weird creatures and humans using both futuristic and ancient gears. Alien ships, sci-fi forests, bizarre spaceships and unknown planets create the atmosphere of escapism and invading something really unidentified for the mankind. Beautiful landscapes are slightly frightening and inviting at the same time.Richard Benning - planet Richard Benning - trees

Richard Benning - cave Richard Benning - coast Richard Benning - derelict Richard Benning - ice Richard Benning - island Richard Benning - subterranean

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