Robert Moses Joyce – Astral Meditations

Robert Moses Joyce - a star night

Robert Moses Joyce is an amazing visual artist and photographer born in 1991 in the USA. Having lived in New York City and travelled extensively throughout the USA, he now resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He creates an alternate reality with visions drawn from astral meditations, Technicolor hallucinations and lucid reveries. The people in his work are his closest friends. The vibrations of nature and people peak in his conscious, and when the two come together, especially when they are lovers or deep soul family brothers and sisters, the visions are created naturally. In fact the imagery reflects Robert’s actual being. “I want to meet all of you beautiful people! My goal is just to be a seeker, and to open myself to the connectivity of everything,” he says. His work shows a true relationship between humans and nature, the euphoria of falling in love with everything surrounding us.

Robert Moses Joyce - butterfly face Robert Moses Joyce - hand Robert Moses Joyce - jump Robert Moses Joyce - rainbow Robert Moses Joyce - sunlight Robert Moses Joyce - the sun Robert Moses Joyce - three Robert Moses Joyce - two Robert Moses Joyce - up


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