Turgut Akacik – “Garip” by Halil Sezai

Turgut Akaçık - art

Turgut Akacik is a film director born in Istanbul in 1980. After studying Sculpture at high school, he got interested in stop-motion. He studied Animation at Anatolian University. Turgut made a beautiful black and white music video, featuring the wonderful tones of a Turkish singer, Halil Sezai. “Garip” is the title of this song, meaning “strange” in English. Apparently, it was revealed that there was a surrealist literature movement in Turkey in the beginning of the 20th century that was known as Garip. This new movement made a deliberate attempt to break from the elaborate decadence of traditional Turkish writing by using the vernacular and embracing avant-garde visuals. Obviously, the director was influenced by them. His surreal world is both inviting and frightening, inhabited by underwater creatures.

httpvh://vimeo.com/77398311GariTurgut Akaçık - fish Turgut Akaçık - garip video Turgut Akaçık - garip Turgut Akaçık - sharks Turgut Akaçık - video


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