Self Portraits by Julie Heffernan

Julie Heffernan_With_Tree

Julie Heffernan is a painter born in Illinois, she received her MFA from Yale School of Art. “My recent work is focused on making sense of the world around me after calamities such as Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. We are slowly making our world unlivable, and I want to bring to the surface the destructive action, waste, and contamination that is generally invisible to us.  I need to imagine another way, to outfit myself with signs and banners that speak louder than I can, to envision how we might remake the world as it is slowly falling apart.” (via hifructose)

Julie Heffernan_Fixing_My_Foot Julie Heffernan_With_Wayward_Tent Julie Heffernan SelfPortraitasBigWorld Julie Heffernan Self_Portrait_as_Great_Heap Julie Heffernan Self_Portrait_as_Dirty_Princess Julie Heffernan Self_Portrait_as_Unwelcome_Guest Julie HeffernanSelf_Portrait_as_Infantas_in_Purgatorium

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