Simón Prades – Social Awareness

Simón Prades - a new state man

Simón Prades is a freelance illustrator born in 1985 in southern Germany. He has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator since finishing his studies. Simón’s favorite mediums are ink, pencil, and watercolor. The last step he does is retouching the illustration using the computer. His works, especially those that represent nature, are enriched with vibrant watercolors and intricate details. Most of his artworks represent social awareness and are attractive to the viewer. The artist is known for his etching techniques. Etching is a form of printmaking, using an engraved metal plate to reproduce a drawing. He uses chemicals that help him to engrave the drawing into the metal and then he prints the ink into paper. Simón finds his inspiration in literature. He loves to read Edgar Allan Poe, John Steinbeck, Henry Miller, Heinrich Böll, and also biographies of writers and artists.

Simón Prades - catcher in the rye salinger Simón Prades - dead Simón Prades - forest Simón Prades - japanese tree Simón Prades - miller Simón Prades - profile Simón Prades - roma kid

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