Koh Sang Woo – Reversed World of Passion

Koh Sang Woo - a negative portrait

Koh Sang Woo is a Korean-American artist creating astonishing images of human figures with an approach that adopts traditional photographic techniques, painting, documentation, and performance. The imagery is characterised by the development of a blue tone photograph that captures his subjects using negative film. The artist applies water-based paint with soft brush-strokes across his sitters’ bodies and hair, sometimes adding colourful flowers and butterflies. Photographs are always enriched with vivacious and bright colours; they are dynamic and too expressive.  Sang Woo’s work has been described as hyper-real romance for the digital age. He shows us the world in reverse, subverts the traditional processes not just of paint and photography, but also he changes our attitude towards others and ourselves. “Capturing the love, emotion, and life is what drives me to explore the human relationships each and every day,” he says.

Koh Sang Woo - carrera Koh Sang Woo - clown Koh Sang Woo - couple Koh Sang Woo - gravitation Koh Sang Woo - green and purple Koh Sang Woo - kiss Koh Sang Woo - light dreams Koh Sang Woo - sleep Koh Sang Woo - the burning flowers


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