Susan Jamison – Snow White Characters

Susan Jamision - a caught swan

Susan Jamison is an American artist, by combining Renaissance inspired portraits and the elements of Asian arts she creates female forms to express the collision between the natural and the feminine. The characters, animals and symbols in her works are taken from fairy tales, myths and popular cultures. In Jamison’s words, the animals and plants are carefully chosen for their symbolic meanings and lend the female figures a “contemporary, feminist inspired Snow White character.” She finds her inspiration in Persian miniature paintings, anatomy illustration, Renaissance art, Dutch floral paintings and fashion photography. Susan is also strongly influenced by an annotated volume of Grimm’s Fairy Tales which has footnotes on all the gross and dirty stuff they had to edit out.

Susan Jamision - Avian Couture Susan Jamision - curious walk Susan Jamision - needle me Susan Jamision - owl Susan Jamision - prick Susan Jamision - Recluse Me egg tempera Susan Jamision - repair me Susan Jamision - roses Susan Jamision - wolves

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