Susanna Bauer: Embroidered Leaves

Susanna Bauer Leaves 1

Susanna Bauer was born in 1969 in Bavaria, Germany. She has lived in England since 1996. Susanna has worked for the television and film industry for over 16 years, making objects like King Arthur’s chalice, cheeses for Wallace and Gromit, miniature robots, spaceships and buildings.

She is keen on making and working with her hands and has obtained a broad knowledge of techniques and different materials.  Susanna goes walking, finds a leaf and gives it a new life using traditional craft techniques like weaving and crochet. Her art is full of natural materials. The mixture of natural and human-made elements looks very stunning and eerie at the same time.

Susanna Bauer Leaves 2

Susanna Bauer Leaves 3

Susanna Bauer Leaves 4

Susanna Bauer Leaves 5

Susanna Bauer Leaves 6

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