T.S Abe’s Pencil Drawings

T.S Abe Drawings 1

T.S Abe is a detail-oriented illustrator born in 1989, in London.  She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins University of Fine Arts. Abe has astounding drawing skills and she perfectly captures human emotions. Her work is strongly influenced by writers like Jorge Louis Borges, Simon De Beauvoir and Marshall McLuhan. Literal metaphors get her imagination in gear. Abe’s favourite tool is a pencil. She uses Photoshop, when she wants to correct the light imbalances that the scanner produces.

T.S Abe Drawings 2

T.S Abe Drawings 3

T.S Abe Drawings 4

T.S Abe Drawings 5

T.S Abe Drawings 6


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