Tomas Mankovsky – “Sorry I’m late”

Tomas Mankovsky - Sorry Im Late 1

Tomas Mankovsky was born in Poland in 1979. At the age of one his family moved to Sweden and he grew up drawing crazy inventions and dreaming up wildcat schemes. When he got older he started working at ad-agency Ogilvy in Stockholm before attending Beckmans College of Design. In 2004 he graduated and began to work ad-agency Fallon London where his visual inventiveness picked up many awards. Tomas has created this stunning stop-motion – “Sorry I’m Late” – which is a fun, simple story about a man who misses his bus and is late. There begins his adventurous journey.   Tomas animated the film in life-scale, using bizarre objects; all shot against a gym floor. Currently, Tomas Mankovsky lives and works in London.


Tomas Mankovsky - Sorry Im Late 2

Tomas Mankovsky - Sorry Im Late 3

Tomas Mankovsky - Sorry Im Late 4

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