Tim Tadder – Power of Water

Tim Tadder - a face under the water

Tim Tadder is a commercial and editorial photographer born in Baltimore. He has MA in Visual Communications. Tim worked for newspapers in Baltimore, San Diego, and Colorado as a photojournalist, before turning his sights on editorial and commercial photography in 2005. He is best known for his powerful portraits. In a recent series of photos called Fish Heads, he photographed people just as they stuck their heads underwater in a fish tank. Another creative project is called Water Wigs where he captured photos of bald men getting pounded with water balloons on their head. Tadder used long and thin balloons to create the incredible halo-like shapes. The artist says that instead of positioning the models against a white or gray backdrop, he wanted to make it more interesting so he placed a series of coloured gels over his flashes.

Tim Tadder - fish head Tim Tadder - look into water Tim Tadder - underwaterTim Tadder - water wig pink Tim Tadder - water wig portrait Tim Tadder - water wig profile Tim Tadder - water wigs


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