Tina Puckett – Dynamic and Colorful Shapes

Tina Puckett - a basket

Tina Puckett is a self-taught artist who has been weaving since 1981. She grew up in South America, where she was exposed to crafts at an early age. As a child, Tina liked to build things like tree houses, doll houses and furniture, and sewing clothes for her dolls. She was fascinated by construction and design. In high school, she spent a lot of time teaching herself how to embroider, and took a class in sewing. Then she went on to study design in college. Later, she took a course in basket weaving and began to explore and experiment with weaving from that moment on. She incorporates her own Dimensional Weaving technique in a variety of her works, including baskets, wall hangers, bowls, flowers, sculptures, furniture, and landscapes. Her imagination and sense of color has influenced her to create contemporary sculptural art forms that are impressively dynamic and colorful. Tina is much influenced by the bittersweet vine that grows locally in the northwest corner of Connecticut where she lives. The character of each piece of vine literally dictates what form each basket, bowl, wall sculpture or piece of furniture will take.

Tina Puckett - brown basket Tina Puckett - circle and curves Tina Puckett - fiber Tina Puckett - headboard with table Tina Puckett - music note Tina Puckett - orange tray Tina Puckett - sunflower Tina Puckett - table


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