Vladimir Stankovic – Imaginary Species

Vladimir Stankovic - a narwhal

Vladimir Stankovic is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Nis, Serbia. Currently he is residing in Rovaniemi, Finland. He tries to combine his passion towards illustration and graphic design, with the use of both traditional and digital mediums. Vladimir draws monsters, animals and creatures of all sorts, creating a very intense, enchanted world. The characters are truly exciting, stunningly grotesque and a little disturbing. The artist is strongly inspired by science and nature. He has always had a keen interest in molluscs and insects. As a kid he spent hours reading and studying biology science books, so he came up with an idea to draw the imaginary species which would combine both insects and molluscs.

Vladimir Stankovic - butterflies Vladimir Stankovic - characters Vladimir Stankovic - in her hands Vladimir Stankovic - mushrooms Vladimir Stankovic - psycho Vladimir Stankovic - species Vladimir Stankovic - weirdvladimirsartdesign.prosite.com

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