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Vivian Shih - art

Vivian Shih is a recent graduate from the Illustration program at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. She already boasts an impressive breadth of strong, emotion-filled work as she makes her way into the industry. She is a perfect visual storyteller interested in editorial art, painting, drawing, design, children’s books, etc. Vivian is a lover of all things earthy and sweet with a little edge. She likes to work in different mediums ranging from ink sketches to watercolors, using expressive lines and bright colors. Drawing inspiration from emotions, stories and nature, she always tries to convey mood and express the humanity of everyday people. Vivian’s portfolio is highlighted by her ability to set a clear tone of feeling in each of her pieces. Her color choices and use of white space keep most pieces quiet, while her powerful detailing in others brings out something emotionally grotesque and appealing. There’s a sort of surreal magic she evokes with each colorful image or portrait, encompassing every type of emotion while capturing her subjects in moments of considerate, vulnerable reflection.

Vivian Shih - band Vivian Shih - girl Vivian Shih - house Vivian Shih - illustration Vivian Shih - Lou Reed Vivian Shih - Thom Yorke Vivian Shih - wanderer

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