Winnie Truong – Incredibly Detailed Hair Drawings

Winnie Truong - art

Winnie Truong is a Canadian artist creating beautiful and mesmerizing drawings. She received a BFA from OCAD’s drawing and painting program. Winnie works with pencil crayons on paper to create large scale portraits, which are very delicate and labor-intensive. These pieces explore her ongoing relationship with hair beyond beauty and accouterments and into a direction of an object and surroundings. The characters that become overtaken by overgrown tresses bring out the issues of managing and even being defined by hair and the burdensome beauty standards that come with it. Her infinitely detailed drawings make the feelings of growth and decay simultaneous and ambiguous.

Winnie Truong - skull hairstyle Winnie Truong - Siren Winnie Truong - rites of passage Winnie Truong - Palindrome Winnie Truong - mature buds Winnie Truong - hair skull full Winnie Truong - hair sisters Winnie Truong - hair loop Winnie Taruong - Eyelash Hair Winnie Truong - brown hair skull

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