Joseph Ford – Aerial and Fashion Photography Mixture

Joseph Ford - aerial and fashion mashup

Joseph Ford is a Brighton-based photographer. He began taking pictures while he was doing his degree in French and Italian at the University of Cambridge. Since then he has been shooting mostly advertising and editorial images of people. Over the last few years he has also been commissioned to photograph landscapes and aerial images. Joseph showed them to art director Stephanie Buisseret and stylist Mario Faundez. They began combining colors, fabrics and lighting to create near seamless transitions from photo to photo. This project is a stunning juxtaposition between breathtaking aerial landscape photography and the fine details of fashion. The series of composite images was selected for the Association of Photographers Awards in the UK and received an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards.

Joseph Ford - boxes Joseph Ford - caravan Joseph Ford - clouds mix Joseph Ford - plaid t-shirt Joseph Ford - shirt and aerial photography Joseph Ford - t-shirt and houses Joseph Ford - watch aerial

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