Santani – Realistic Handmade Creatures

Santani - An Owl Doll

Santani is a nickname of a 24-year-old female artist from Moscow, Russia.  She creates the most adorable ultra-realistic fantasy creature dolls. Santani started sculpting the dolls and putting them on the Internet seven years ago. Visibly, her style has changed a lot since then – her scary and monstrous creatures evolved into less frightening dolls. Now they are even more beautiful, cute and friendly. Majority of her dolls are little dragons, Inari foxes, griffins, and other fantastic hybrids. The most stunning details are their lovely widely opened eyes and extraordinarily life-like paws. The creatures are incredibly detailed, made using different types of materials like fimo, cernit polymer clay, sculpey combined with fabric fur.

Santani - Black Creature Doll Santani - Chinchilla Doll Santani - Doll Foxes Santani - Gold Inari Fox Santani - Little Dragon Doll Santani - Oncilla Inari Fox Santani - Pink Creature Doll Santani - Siamese Creature Doll Santani - White Inari Fox

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