Yulia Brodskaya – Quilled Paper Art

Yulia Brodskaya - a paper art

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian illustrator and paper artist, currently based in the UK. She studied Graphic Communication at the University of Hertfordshire and continued exploring ways of bringing together all the things she liked most: paper, typography, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects. She always had a special fascination for paper. Trying many different methods and techniques of working with paper, quilling turned out to be the one for her.  Quilling is an art form that features paper rolled, folded, and glued into patterns. She always makes pencil sketches first which is very important part of the whole process, because a glued piece of paper can’t be removed. So there is no place for a mistake. Yulia’s artworks are highly detailed which makes them truly distinctive, unique and mesmerising.

Yulia Brodskaya - birds Yulia Brodskaya - flight Yulia Brodskaya - guitarist Yulia Brodskaya - gypsy Yulia Brodskaya - hand Yulia Brodskaya - old man Yulia Brodskaya - presents


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