Randall Fischer – Strong and Feminine

Randall Fischer - a portrait

Randall Fischer is a Los Angeles-based painter and illustrator. He studied at Pasadena Art Centre College of Design.  Using oil as a favourite medium, he creates stunning and realistic portraiture. Focusing mainly on women, Fischer paints them using very stirring and exquisite elements. The characters are always in different circumstances, but they all share some noticeable features – they are beautiful, gentle, feminine, showing unusual strength. The women often carry metal objects – they are warriors, Valkyries or even tamers of wild creatures.  Randall often uses mythological elements in his paintings -there are mysterious stories behind each of his work.

Randall Fischer - Amy Randall Fischer - Cat Randall Fischer - Constance Randall Fischer - Eagle Randall Fischer - Janelle Randall Fischer - Keegs Randall Fischer - Valkyrierandallfischer.com

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