Zack Seckler – Aerial Photos of Botswana

Zack Seckler - aerial photography

Zack Seckler is a photographer born in Boston. He took to his craft after graduating from Syracuse University in 2003. He later moved to New York City and began a career in photojournalism that took him around the world covering stories for the international media. He eventually found creating the images themselves, rather than documenting them, was far more fulfilling. Zack made an interesting discovery shortly after arriving in Botswana for his photographic safari. He captured the boundless, raw beauty of Africa as seen from less than 500 feet above ground. The imagery allows us to see the beauty of the terrain and the plant life from a perspective we have never seen before. He watched wildlife, the footprints, the trails, loan animals deserted by their herd as they grew too weak to continue along. Seckler describes each frame as having its own story—stories in the movements of zebras and cows and the delicate footprints they leave behind, feelings in the rippled water and vibrant vegetation.

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