Adrien Donot – Frisky Digital Art

Adrien Donot - a lady

Adrien Donot, aka Pullsart, is a 27-year-old graphic designer living in Poissy, France. While looking for a particular aesthetics, he is always between technology, photography, and digital art.  Adrien creates expressive and frisky digital images that combine illustrations, fantasies, and fashion essentials.  He loves to retouch the images in Photoshop and the result is always flawless, striking, and exciting. His characters are surrounded by celestial and stunning world of different colours, patterns, and forms. Here is the video showing Adrien’s working process.


Adrien Donot - ballerina Adrien Donot - colorful Adrien Donot - dance Adrien Donot - hands Adrien Donot - makeup Adrien Donot - portrait Adrien Donot - space

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