Alessia Ianetti – Fragile Young Females

Alessia Iannetti - a tree portrait

Alessia Iannetti is a young artist born in Carrara, Italy. She graduated from the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts majoring in Painting. Her stunning portraiture is full of poetic and surreal elements. There are many pale creatures, angels or demons, nymphs of the forest in her work. They are surrounded by whimsical and beautiful world where every creature has its own meaning. The artist represents young female characters often hidden into leaves or merged with trees. Their hybrid bodies symbolize the “lost humanity” and the connection between humans and the natural world. With a dark breathe of Neoclassicism the work of Alessia goes to life on a small wood panes drawn by ink and  watercolors.

Alessia Iannetti - bubble Alessia Iannetti - butterfly Alessia Iannetti - covered with leaves Alessia Iannetti - detail Alessia Iannetti - eyes Alessia Iannetti - hidden Alessia Iannetti - hummingbird Alessia Iannetti - rose in

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