Scott Marr – DNA Carrying Paintings

Scott Marr - a butterfly

An Australian artist Scott Marr creates beautiful artworks using only natural paints. His constant experimentations led him to his current media – pyrography and natural pigments. Pyrography is the practice of burning an image onto a surface, using specially designed tools. Scott works mostly on paper but he also enjoys working with wood. The pigments he uses are all handmade from natural materials, most of which he collects from the bush near his home, the garden, the roadside, and sometimes even the kitchen. Some of his favourite raw materials include flowers, leaves, bark, sap, berries, and coffee beans. These creations are about the intricacies of nature and our place in it. Watch the stunning process of creating below.



Scott Marr - amnesia Scott Marr - crab Scott Marr - earth moth Scott Marr - grasshopper Scott Marr - ken yonetani Scott Marr - self portrait Scott Marr -

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