Aline Smithson – Arrangement in Green and Black

Aline Smithson - arrangement

Aline Smithson is a photographer born in Los Angeles. Her photographs depict the moments that are at once familiar, yet unexpected. She is strongly inspired by the poignancy of childhood, relationships, aging, family, and moments of introspection. Aline created a series using Whistler’s painting as a starting point, adding in humor that comes from juxtaposing painting, wardrobe and personality. She had been collecting costumes and different paintings for two years. The artist created a set in her garage and asked her 85-year-old mother to be her model. She was amazed at how well her mother embodied each character, and was still able to capture her elegance, humor, and willingness to try anything. Sadly, Aline’s mother died before she was able to see the finished product. She would be amazed that people all over the world have seen and love this project.

Aline Smithson - ballerina Aline Smithson - cat Aline Smithson - clown Aline Smithson - disco Aline Smithson - Elvis Presley Aline Smithson - summer Aline Smithson - white

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