Alma Haser – Cosmic Surgery

Alma Haser - Alexandra

Alma Haser is a German photographer currently based in London, UK. She has done a degree in Photography at Nottingham Trent University. Her most recent series, titled Cosmic Surgery, combines the tangible photograph and the subject with the photograph itself. The artist has to complete three different stages to get the final result. Firstly, she photographs her sitter, and then she prints multiple images of the subject’s face, folding them into complicated geometric origami construction. Origami is pretty time consuming but very meditative, delicate and fragile for Alma. She can completely get lost in the process of folding for hours. She places the origami face back onto the original face of the portrait which gives the work surreal, kaleidoscopic appeal. Finally, she re-photographs the whole thing. While revealing our “identity” and “personality,” manipulated faces are quite stunning, original and slightly peculiar.

Alma Haser - cosmic surgery Alma Haser - Felix Alma Haser - ginger portrait Alma Haser - portrait Alma Haser - ribbon Alma Haser - stripes Alma Haser - surgery

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