Amanda Shirlow – Miniature Photography

Amanda Shirlow - a miniature photograph

Amanda Shirlow is an aspiring artist currently living in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. She is fascinated with combining two worlds that wouldn’t usually collide, revealing the world of tiny little people living in our big world. Food plays a big part in Amanda’s installations and even in the landscapes of her miniature photography. As the artist says, food is a great way of bringing everyone together whether it is sitting down for a meal or going for a coffee, food is always present. She enjoys the thought of putting her heart and soul into her artwork months before anyone can see them and then within a few minutes the entire piece is gone, all that is left is a few cake crumbs and sweetie wrappers. Shirlow believes that all artwork should have some form of connection with the viewer whether it is through interaction or an emotional connection. As Duchamp says: “the viewer completes the work.”

Amanda Shirlow - candy Amanda Shirlow - chocolate Amanda Shirlow - ketchup Amanda Shirlow - reading Amanda Shirlow - sweep


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