Takahiro Kimura – Broken Faces

Takahiro Kimura - a broken face

I believe the true essence of beauty is in imperfection. Japanese artist and illustrator Takahiro Kimura created the collages of broken faces. The artist cuts different parts out of various photos, rearranges them into collage and applies colors on the final result. He tries to expose the intricate nature of the human spirit through abnormal physical distortion. Clearly, the broken faces suffer from something, even though they are usually enriched with bright and vibrant colors. These faces might be mirrors reflecting our emotions. In all, it is the thing that connects us – that we are all wonderful and beautifully imperfect.  Takahiro makes amazing animations too. Here is the video for the song performed by David Garland, Sean Lennon, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and Vashti Bunyan.


Takahiro Kimura - beautiful eyes Takahiro Kimura - big eyelashes Takahiro Kimura - blue Takahiro Kimura - face Takahiro Kimura - freckles Takahiro Kimura - lips Takahiro Kimura - portraitfaceful.jp

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