Benedict Morgan – Camouflaged within the Pattern

Benedict Morgan - art

Benedict Morgan is a London-based photographer who had the idea for his “Wallpaper” series some time before actually executing it. Instead of designing a new type of wallpaper, Morgan utilized the pattern in wallpaper combined with lighting, shadows, and skillful painting of an identical pattern. He mainly worked with very iconic items, creating perfectly camouflaged objects that still come across as what they are. The lighting is another very important element in creating a more or less visible invisible object. Only the lighting and a resulting shadow can give the object shape and form. A plate, fork, and spoon blend flawlessly in to the paper. A pistol is eerily camouflaged within the pattern. The vacuum cleaner stands nearly undetectable against the wall. The items seem almost like ghostly apparitions translucently standing in the room. These artworks are just small samples of his unique way of utilizing everyday items to create fascinating works of art.

Benedict Morgan - controller Benedict Morgan - dark wallpaper Benedict Morgan - pistol Benedict Morgan - wallpaper wrap Benedict Morgan - wallpaper

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