Brandi Strickland – Perception of Space

Brandi Strickland - a blessing

Brandi Strickland is an amazing collage and mixed media artist based in Floyd, Virginia. She grew up in North Carolina and received her BA in Art from Queens University of Charlotte in 2007. Brandi creates inspiring collages with a mixture of photographs, drawing and painting. Her compositions are full of people and different textures, utilizing a lot of old faded papers from various magazines. She explores different themes such as galaxy, overcrowding, our perception of space and a relationship to our planet. The artist states that her work is an experiment, a scrapbook, a place for her to process and transform her experiences and interests into something more holistic and meaningful. The process of creating is playful and therapeutic for her. Everything begins with collecting, saving, acquiring and searching; then, as if they were memories, she accurately sorts and organizes them into something new, something that is both accidental and tediously arranged.

Brandi Strickland - a lonely stretch Brandi Strickland - collage Brandi Strickland - constellation Brandi Strickland - garden Brandi Strickland - mixed media Brandi Strickland - night Brandi Strickland - people and moon Brandi Strickland - psychedelic minda Brandi Strickland - small town

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