Tamara Muller – Conflicting Instincts

Tamara Muller - art

Tamara Muller is a young artist from the Netherlands. After finishing the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague specializing in Graphic Design, she developed her unique visual vocabulary style and solid technical skills as a painter. Tamara creates fascinating and disturbing portraits, staring unflinchingly back at the viewer.  The faces of her characters are almost always her own as she wants to express her own feelings and personal inner struggles. The artist examines the contradictory instincts of power, domesticity, cruelty, and submission that characterize all of humanity. Rendering the paintings with uncanny realism, Tamara tires to reveal the presumed innocence of youth and the guilt of adulthood.

Tamara Muller - daughter Tamara Muller - family Tamara Muller - friends Tamara Muller - hand Tamara Muller - redhair Tamara Muller - tongue


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