Claire Droppert – Sand Creatures

Claire Droppert - a Hare

Claire Droppert is a freelance photographer and graphic designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She is inspired by combinations of simplicity and minimalism, special places, and new editing techniques. Claire has a strong preference for landscapes, and desolate or open spaces.  Her new series, titled Sand Creatures, is part of a bigger project called Gravity, where you can find a distinctive whispering silence. The photographs are aimed at capturing Earth’s different elements in moments of zero gravity. The explosive and at times powdery scenes of the grainy earth being thrown into the air can be taken as some kind of manifesting life form. “Sand comes alive and creatures are born in frozen moments of weightlessness,” she says.

Claire Droppert - bull Claire Droppert - caterpillar Claire Droppert - fish Claire Droppert - goat Claire Droppert - skunk Claire Droppert - swarm

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