Carne Griffiths – Ink, Tea and Alcohol

Carne Griffiths - an order

Carne Griffiths is a Liverpool based artist creating some truly elegant and awe inspiring drawings. Along with the usual inks that artists work with, Griffiths also employs the use of tea and alcohols such as whisky, brandy and vodka. When he started to use tea, it gave a palette that he had confidence in using, it removed primary colors and created a set of earthy tones to lay down, which he could then add color to with more confidence. He usually depicts human, floral and geometric forms, inviting the viewer to share and explore the inner realm of human mind. As the artist says, we are all connected spiritually or emotionally to what is around us, whether it is nature, people, animals or inanimate objects – we form a relationship with these things that are unique to each person. Carne sees this connection as lines between objects, between the things we are made of, like contours. They represent lots of different things, including energy, emotions or spiritual connections and basically anything that we don’t really understand.

Carne Griffiths - beautiful decay Carne Griffiths - breaking through Carne Griffiths - connection Carne Griffiths - de chao ordo Carne Griffiths - kiss Carne Griffiths - season Carne Griffiths - thin veil

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