Scott Gundersen – Wine Cork Portraits

Scott Gundersen - a workflow

Scott Gundersen is an illustrator and visual artist based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He creates incredible large scale portraits using the thousands of used and recycled wine corks. The process of making these artworks is  time-consuming. Gundersen starts making the portraits by transferring a large photograph to a canvas. He then gathers wine-stained corks and pins each of them to the canvas with different hues to create the value of light and shadow in the portrait. Surely, the whole process takes too much patience and dedication. Scott’s latest work, Trisha, took 3,621 corks to complete, but other works have required over 9,000. Here is the time-lapse video of another work, Grace, which took 50 hours and 9,217 wine corks to get the final result.


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