Jim Denevan – Ephemeral Land Drawings

Jim Denevan - a landscape art

Jim Denevan, American artist, surfer, and a self-taught chef, is best known for his colossal land art, working with natural materials to create massive scale drawings in sand, soil, and ice. Using a simple driftwood stick to draw on sand, he creates stunning spirals, circles and geometric forms. Dragging rakes and large sticks, he carefully works on every small detail, so that a distant view will bring every small action into something giant and beautiful. Jim Denevan’s patters are geometrically simple, yet still manage to be interesting. It would be weird feeling to walk through these art pieces, struggling to discover the full scope of the work. His ephemeral art is eventually erased by weather and waves, but it only makes the whole pieces more poetic and beautiful.

Jim Denevan - beach Jim Denevan - black and white Jim Denevan - circles Jim Denevan - Enviro Beach Jim Denevan - Ice art Jim Denevan - Lake Baikal Jim Denevan - sand drawing Jim Denevan - spacious Jim Denevan - stand in circle


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