Cassandra Smith – Decorated Antlers

Cassandra Smith - antler

Cassandra Smith is an artist and freelance curator working in Milwaukee, WI. In 2006, she graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a BFA degree in sculpture. She paints naturally shed antlers, using bands of color so deeply pigmented, they almost encase the antler. She imposes pretty paints, sequins and a design sensibility to transform antlers into something other than what they were. All of her antlers are found in the woods of North America and each has its own unique charm. “Every time I pick up an antler, I make a design decision,” she says. Cassandra creates a tension between natural and organic forms, using hard-edged geometric forms with a daring choice of colors.

Cassandra Smith - blue antler Cassandra Smith - golden tribal antler Cassandra Smith - goldy Cassandra Smith - in colors Cassandra Smith - painted antlers Cassandra Smith - three antlers Cassandra Smith - colorful lines

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