Thomas Devaux – Attrition

Thomas Devaux - art

Thomas Devaux is a French photographer creating utterly unique and incredible collages. Using expanded possibilities of digital techniques, he perfectly transforms raw materials into the most inconceivable pieces. His works play on the textures and articulate on the body’s erasing and reconstruction. Thomas has his very own signature style which exists between the sacred and the profane. It may come as a surprise that at the foundation of his stunning art is backstage fashion photography. All of the photos have been for the most part taken at very important fashion shows in Paris or Milan. “I love taking the models, placing them in an unreal world, and giving them a darker beauty and a more over-done,” he says. He started playing around with merging his collage style with his fashion photos. This strangely interesting approach resulted in his “Attrition” series.

Contre elles Thomas Devaux - en haut Thomas Devaux - la douche Thomas Devaux - La Femme et l Enfant Thomas Devaux - la menine Thomas Devaux - les boucles Thomas Devaux - med la tete Thomas Devaux -

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