Michelle McKinney – Elegant Simplicity

Michelle McKinney - art

Michelle McKinney is a UK artist working with contemporary, urban materials to convey subtle forms and symbols of nature. She began her creative career as a jewelry designer, it was after falling in love with ultra-fine woven metal that led her into the work she does today. She was always interested in using translucent materials. Using frosted Perspex and precious metals to create shadows and blurred edges within her designs were the key inspirations. Michelle began exploring the woven metal alongside making her jewelry collections but soon realized she wanted to work on a larger scale. So she created a real juxtaposition between the use of metal and the delicacy and fragility of the subject matter. Her works are simply beautiful and dreamy, putting together multiple tiny elements to create a whole – leaves, flowers, and a mass of hundreds of butterflies rising up into the sky.

Michelle McKinney - falling study detail Michelle McKinney - falling study Michelle McKinney - ghosts of autumn Michelle McKinney - honesty detail Michelle McKinney - hortensia Michelle McKinney - image Michelle McKinney - leaves Michelle McKinney - seed Michelle McKinney - swallowtail butterfly


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