Daisuke Yokota – Visual Noise and Imperfections

Daisuke Yokota - fossil

Daisuke Yokota was born in Saitama, Japan, 1983. He graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute in 2003. Yokota creates series of distorted, haunting and otherworldly images representing his own memories. Pushing the developing process and the potential of analogue image-making to the extreme, Daisuke exposes visual noise and imperfections in his work. The working process is very interesting and unusual. The artist often re-photographs prints up to ten times, injecting layer upon layer of distortion to produce a large number of variations in the final image. By doing so he not only tries to incorporate a sensation of time into his images but to increase the distance between the original and the final image, stressing photography’s inability to represent events from the past truthfully and precisely.

Daisuke Yokota - fossil figure Daisuke Yokota - fossil hands Daisuke Yokota - fossil peopleDaisuke Yokota - backyard trees Daisuke Yokota - backyard Daisuke Yokota - they blue Daisuke Yokota - they series Daisuke Yokota - they, face Daisuke Yokota - they


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