Bella Harris – Unguarded Emotional Expression

Bella Harris - art

Bella Harris is a self-taught American artist, freelance writer and visual creator. It wasn’t until October of 2010 that her personal journey into the elusive realms of illustration, painting, and the dynamics of artistic experimentation began. Through consistent study, she methodically employs the use of watercolor, acrylic, graphite and charcoal to incorporate the journey of her deeply personal vision. Exploring the intersecting mood of romantic macabre, fragility and unguarded emotional expression, Bella creates emotionally driven portraits that convey a touching sense of both haunting individuality and vulnerability. With a very characteristic and alluring vision she juxtaposes dark detailed lines with light minimalism while some of her works capture a true range of color. Bringing to life new techniques and evolving styles, each piece embodies personal attachments of the artist’s creative voice and aims to embrace the viewer while delivering a nearly tangible variance of emotional communication.

Bella Harris - a reflection Bella Harris - butterfly Bella Harris - extension of you Bella Harris - girl Bella Harris - photo come back for me Bella Harris - photo flowers Bella Harris - photo vogue Bella Harris - photo

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