David Habben – Human Selves

David Habben - nymph

David Habben, also known as HabbenINK, is an illustrator and designer living in Salk Lake City, Utah. He has been freelancing for 5 years and has had wonderful experiences as a result. David has a great working process from concept to final version. His work shows a great knowledge of colour, composition, and technique. He describes his style of illustration as “evolving.” He has been creating the majority of illustrations digitally for a few years now, but the artist always looks for new ways to create and draw. He always keeps a sketchbook and ink close by for sketching. Digitally, David uses Photoshop and a Wacom tablet on an iMac.

David Habben - pray David Habben - religious

David Habben - Eden David Habben - future punk David Habben - old man David Habben - warrior David Habben - we


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