Edvard Derkert – Collage As a Way of Thinking

Edvard Derkert - a collage art

Edvard Derkert is a self-taught visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer based out of Stockholm. He started out in early years cutting up his parents Life magazine. In the mid 90s he started to use the computer as his main tool of expression. It is still “cut and paste” but without the scissors and the glue. The computer was just right for Derkert and also enabled him to work as a graphic designer. The artist does not believe in style. Some of his artworks look surreal, some pieces are abstract, and others are close to satire or dada. His mood and materials always determine the outcome. “Collage is still my most important means of expressing myself visually. Collage is not a style and can differ a lot. It is not merely a technique; it is a way of thinking,” he says.

Edvard Derkert - blood and bodies Edvard Derkert - boy Edvard Derkert - creative psychology Edvard Derkert - fun collage Edvard Derkert - laid Edvard Derkert - Nietzsche and music Edvard Derkert - swim hybrid Edvard Derkert - trees in the wateredvardderkert.se

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