Ellen Rogers – Esoteric Splendor

Ellen Rogers - a portrait

Ellen Rogers is an amazing photographer and filmmaker based out of London. She studied at Goldsmiths College and finished a master’s degree in Photography in 2007. She captures scenes of something mysterious and titillating that brings the voyeur out in anyone who views them. Rogers shoots fashion and portrait photography, as well as her personal work, with her unique ghostly style and limited color palette that really makes the look of her haunting images. She is constantly in search of something abstract, vaporous, mostly emotive, and unfinished. All of her work is analogue. The artist does not use any digital equipment or computer based manipulation. Most of her techniques and effects in her images come from artistic experimentation in the darkroom. Ellen’s muses are haunting in a lovely way. For her, a muse should have a certain attitude. She must be willing but chic, not annoying at all. Not too needy, aloof but intelligent, and a little seductive. Ellen prefers to keep her work in the realms of the esoteric and as far removed as possible sense of reality.

Ellen Rogers - Evans Ellen Rogers - Hannah Ellen Rogers - Kat and Audrey Ellen Rogers - Lizzie and Holly Ellen Rogers - Maxine Ellen Rogers - Modern Primivites Ellen Rogers - Phoebe Ellen Rogers - Rapine Ellen Rogers - Rose Ellen Rogers - Sophie and Mowenna Ellen Rogers - Svetlana and Alice Ellen Rogers - Vania


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