“Gold” Directed by Gustavo Lopez Mañas

Gustavo Lopez Manas - a gold

Gustavo Lopez Mañas is a freelance fashion photographer and director based in Barcelona. Originally from Granada, Gustavo studied Photography and Fine Arts in the University of Granada. His contemporary aesthetics and beautiful images speak of a world where fashion and art meet to reveal a unique narrative. Using various techniques, he skilfully mixes fashion and art and creates incredible narratives of different things. When he was a child he was inspired by the artistic styles of horror movies and comics. He likes how lightning, makeup and acting could set a scene. Lopez tries to change viewer’s emotions while watching his photographs and videos. He directed definitely stunning and inspiring fashion film “Gold,” which is a personal work dedicated to everything that is gold: its look, color, feel, and sheer decadence of it.

httpvh://vimeo.com/52321967 Gustavo Lopez Manas - gold eye Gustavo Lopez Manas - gold hands Gustavo Lopez Manas - gold video still Gustavo Lopez Manas - gold video Gustavo Lopez Manas - still


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