Ewa Doroszenko – Mankind and Its Creations

Ewa Doroszenko - a graphic art

Ewa Doroszenko is a visual artist born in 1983 in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Apart from painting, she is fond of photography, drawing and stained-glass windows. By combining different features of each medium, Ewa wants to develop unique art forms. She pays a strong attention to details and tries to sort out relations between mankind and its creations. A relationship between the man and technology, which is still being shaped, has offered Ewa a multitude of possible interpretations. Modern structures¬†and its wide-ranging functions influenced her creations. The artist wants to “draw” the observer into the structure of her creations; and she is in search of new possible connections between mankind and technology.

Ewa Doroszenko - geometric figuresEwa Doroszenko - long machineEwa Doroszenko - machineEwa Doroszenko - portraitEwa Doroszenko - wallEwa Doroszenko - blue triangle Ewa Doroszenko - face Ewa Doroszenko - flowerhead Ewa Doroszenko - futa spring Ewa Doroszenko - futa triangleEwa Doroszenko - photograph ewa-doroszenko.com

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