Levi van Veluw – Fascinated by Chaos

Levi van Veluw - a collapes of family table

Levi van Veluw is an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist born in the Dutch town of Hoevelaken in 1985. Since graduating from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, he has produced many works including photographs, sculptures, installations, videos, and drawings. “The Collapse of Cohesion” is a series of large and small drawings presenting collapsing desks, falling cupboards and exploding rooms. These works reveal our fascination for chaos, destruction and need for disorder.  Levi has also created incredible self-portraits of landscapes. He applied the materials with glue, tape and hairspray in front of a mirror. The process took about 13 hours. The artist tried to make landscapes with as little symbolism as possible, removing all the kitsch, glamour and traditional aspects.

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