Geoffrey Guillin – Eyes Open Wide

Geoffrey Guillin - art

Geoffrey Guillin is a French artist and illustrator born in Paris, France. Specializing in colorful pencil-drawn portraits, he uses distinct techniques and unique signature style to create these stunning portraits. His characters are very attractive and different. Their faces are clear, though the eyes are very big, curiously looking back at the viewer. His trademark is the way he stylizes human hair in long, delicate pencil-strokes to create flowing beards and haircuts. Guillin has been drawing non-stop since a tender young age, influenced by his fascination with the elegant art-deco illustrations of the early 20th century – especially the work of Russian-born French artist Erté. His favorite mediums are color pencils and sometimes a little bit of glitter to brighten things up even more.  Geoffrey creates portraits of either imaginary characters or actual people he knows. His patience, craftsmanship and dedication are evident in the details, textures and color shades in his portraits which are hand drawn using good, old fashioned well-sharpened pencils. The big eyes, inspired by retro cartoons and manga comics, are used to add even more emotion to the image. They also symbolize a wide-eyed fascination with the world around us, since for Guillin ”with bigger eyes we can see more beautiful things and people.”


Geoffrey Guillin - child Geoffrey Guillin - doll cleopatra Geoffrey Guillin - drawing detail eye Geoffrey Guillin - flyer Geoffrey Guillin - moustache Geoffrey Guillin - portrait illustration Geoffrey Guillin - portrait

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